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Harry Potter Fiction

Harry Potter Fan Fiction!
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This Community is for those of you who love to read and write Harry Potter fanfiction!

You can post your HP fics here, and have others review it, or vice versa! I am your moderator eyeseeyou otherwise known as Ali (go check out my journal kthnx)

I have very few rules for this comm:

1. Please use correct grammar. I don't mind a few spelling errors, but I will not tolerate a story Typd lyke dis!!1! Cuz itz jus annoyin!| Got it?

3. I would like this form to be filled each time you post.

Pairings (if applicable):

(yes, I am requiring this, I don't have enough money to be sued cause of you.)

Authors Note:

Be sure to place stories or excerpts behind a cut tag please.

4. You can advertise websites, but ONLY if they are about HP fan fiction, and ONLY if you have posted here before.

5. Do not be rude to anyone. You can flame stories, but do not under any circumstances belittle the author.

Break any of the following rules and you will be banned.

I am allowing an open-membership at this time, because I have no reason not to. Find me a reason, and I'll be sure that I'm the one who says yes or no.


Remember, this is for entertainment! If someone critques your work and it's not a rave review, take the comments in stride and try harder.

thnx to dazedgirl000 for the name